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COMM 150 Intercultural Communication (C-ID COMM 150)

DRAM 160 Latin American Theatre

ECE. 212 Child, Family, and Community (C-ID CDEV 110)

ECE. 254 Teaching in a Diverse Society (C-ID ECE 230)

ECON 230 Economic History of the United States

EDUC 249 Redefining Leadership: Individuals Effecting Change  

HIST 242 African-American History

HIST 245 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in the U.S.

HIST 246 History of Latinos in the U.S.

HIST 247 Women in U.S. History

HIST 422 Modern Latin America

LIT. 200 American Literature (C-ID ENGL 135)

LIT. 252 Women Writers: Multicultural Perspectives

LIT. 266 Black Literature

LIT. 371 Mexican-American Literature

LIT. 372 Myth and Folklore of La Raza

LIT. 373 Latin American Literature in Translation

LIT. 375 Native-American Literature

PLSC 210 American Politics (C-ID POLS 110)

PLSC 310 California State and Local Government

PSYC 106 Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination

SOCI 141 Ethnicity and Race in Society (C-ID SOCI 150)

SPAN 150 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I (C-ID SPAN 220)

SPAN 152 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II (C-ID SPAN 230)

SPAN 162 Latino Literature II