Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
CAOT 665S3 Illustrator CS4 1.5 No
CAOT 665SA Windows & Internet for ESL 1.5 No
CAOT 665SB Word for ESL Students 1.5 No
CAOT 665SE Create & Use Excel Spreadsheet .5 No
CAOT 665SF Advanced Excel: Beyond Basics .5 No
CAOT 665SG Integration of MS Office Apps .5 No
CAOT 665SH Getting Started with Quicken .5 No
CAOT 665SI How to Hire Website Developer .5 No
CAOT 665SJ Intro to MAC OperatingSystem X .5 or 2 No
CAOT 665SK Fun with MAC OperatingSystem X .5 or 2 No
CAOT 665SO Ready, Set, Go w/Windows VISTA 1 No
CAOT 665SP Get Up to Speed with MS Office 1 No
CAOT 665SQ Intro to Adobe InDesign CS3 1 No
CAOT 665SR Create A Video Resume! 1 No
CAOT 665SS Basic Computer Skills 1 No
CAOT 665SW Prof. Media Design Made Easy 1 No
CAOT 665SX MovieMaking for Non-Movie Make 1 No
CAOT 665SY Garage Band & Final Cut Pro 1 No
CAOT 665SZ Maximize Your Mac Office 1 No