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MART 369 Advanced Web Design

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Digital Art and Animation (MART) Courses

Course Description

Students learn advanced concepts and techniques to create elaborate and visually appealing websites. User centered design, graphic user interface customization, Internet ethics, and copyright issues are taught as well as a review of basic color, layout and typography theory and practice. Some HTML, JavaScript, and CGI concepts are demonstrated to incorporate some basic interactivity. This course is taught using Macromedia Dreamweaver®, and Adobe Photoshop®. Other software may be utilized.

Units: 3
Degree Credit
Grade Option (Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass)
  • Lecture hours/semester: 48-54
  • TBA hours/semester: 32-36
  • Homework hours/semester: 64-72
Prerequisites: MART 368
Corequisites: None
Transfer Credit: CSU