Daily, Visitor, and Disabled Parking

Daily Parking & Visitor Parking

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid virtual parking permit beginning spring 2022. To simplify the purchase and vehicle registration process, purchasing a permit and registering your vehicle is done online. A daily/visitor/event virtual parking permit is valid in any student lot. To purchase a daily visitor virtual permit and register your vehicle, please go to https://smccd.thepermitstore.com/purchase.php.   

Once the online process is completed, your virtual parking permit will be active immediately or on the date you choose. 

Daily/Visitor Parking Cost

All day parking is $3.00. All information associated with your virtual parking permit must be kept current.

If you need to add or change any information, please update your information online at https://smccd.thepermitstore.com/purchase.php.

Disabled Parking

Disabled person parking spaces are in various lots throughout our campuses.  If you are displaying a valid state-issued disabled person’s placard or have state-issued DP license plates, you are eligible to park in any valid parking space on campus without any additional virtual parking permit requirements.

You must display a valid state-issued DP (Disabled Person) Placard or state-issued DP license plate, otherwise your vehicle will be subject to a citation.