Purchasing an Employee Parking Permit

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid virtual parking permit beginning spring 2022.  To obtain your employee virtual parking permit and register your vehicle in our system, please go to https://smccd.thepermitstore.com/purchase.php.  Your standard work email and password can be used to log in. 

Once the online process is completed, your virtual parking permit will be active January 1, 2022. All information associated with your virtual parking permit must be kept current.  

If you need to add or change any information, please update your information online at  https://smccd.thepermitstore.com/purchase.php.   

Only SMCCCD employees may request an employee virtual parking permit. Once you request your virtual staff/faculty permit, your physical permit that is on your vehicle windshield will no longer be valid.   ​ 

Employees are permitted to park in any staff/student parking lot in a valid marked/lined parking space.