Program Overview

The program is open to both men and women and enables completion in three semesters, including a four week summer session. Class sessions are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. New students are admitted at the beginning of the semester. Upon completion of the 1,600-hour program, students are eligible for the Cosmetology certificate and are qualified to apply for licensing through the California State Board of Cosmetology. Suggested High School preparation: Art, Chemistry, Business courses, General Science, and Speech. The Associate in Science degree with a major in Cosmetology or the Cosmetology Certificate program require the completion of a special application to be considered for admission.

Cosmetology (CA) Requirements

Required Courses Units
COSM 700 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice .5 or 16 units
COSM 710 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice II: Facials 6 units
COSM 720 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice III-Chemicals 6 units
COSM 730 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice IV: Nails 3 units
COSM 735 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice V-New Concepts 3 units
COSM 745 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice VI - Senior Practical .5 or 6 units
Additional units may be completed in the following: Units
COSM 665 Selected Topics in Cosmetology .5 - 1.5 units
COSM 695 Independent Study in Cosmetology .5 or 3 units
COSM 740 Cosmetology Concepts and Practice II .5 or 6 units
COSM 750 Cosmetology Brush Up I .5 - 10 units
COSM 782 Advanced Cosmetology Concepts units
WELL 665 Selected Topics in Wellness .5 or 2 units
WELL 680SA Everyday Uses of Herbs units
WELL 680SB Self-Help Stress Reduction Techniques units
WELL 680SC Energetic Modalities units
Total Required Major Units: 34.5 - 40