Program Overview

Cosmetology (SC) Requirements

Required Courses Units
BUS. 150 Entrepreneurship - Small Business Management units
COSM 670 Vocational Cooperative Education in Cosmetology 1 unit
ACTG 144 QuickBooks: Set-Up and Service Business 1.5 units
Select a minimum of 2 units from the following: Units
WELL 665SA Introduction to Herbal Medicine
WELL 665SB Self-Help Stress Reduction Techniques
WELL 665SC Introduction to Face and Décoletté Massage
WELL 665SD Introduction to Hand Massage
WELL 665SE Introduction to Foot Massage
WELL 665SF Selected Topics in Wellness: Introduction to Neck and Shoulder Massage units
WELL 665SG Introduction to Back Massage
Total Required Major Units: 4.5