Program Overview

The Bachelor in Science in Respiratory Care program allow graduates of AS degree Respiratory Care programs and licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCP) a pathway to complete their four year degree without having to transfer to a four-year college or university. The bachelor degree curriculum provides advanced scope of practice with emphasis on advanced cardiopulmonary pathophysiology, advanced respiratory case management, advanced respiratory neonatal/pediatrics, health education in respiratory care, research methodology, quantitative principles, respiratory care sleep medicine, and respiratory care leadership and management. Increasingly, Respiratory Care Practitioners are taking on responsibilities formerly conducted by physicians, requiring a greater level of critical thinking and analytical skills. A minimum of 26.5 units of upper division major course work builds upon the lower division major course work. The degree also includes a minimum of 15 units of upper division general education courses in alignment with California State University guidelines. Students will complete coursework through a capstone project developed in collaboration with faculty and community members that is aligned with student area of interest. The cost of tuition will be $130 per unit for upper division coursework, much less than at a four-year institution.

Respiratory Care (BS) Requirements

Upper Division Major Coursework Units
RPTH B10 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Care 3 units
RPTH B15 Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care 3 units
RPTH B20 Advanced Respiratory Case Management 3 units
RPTH B30 Principles of Health Education 3 units
RPTH B40 Health Care Research Design and Methodology 3 units
RPTH B50 Respiratory Care Leadership and Management I 3 units
RPTH B52 Respiratory Care Leadership and Management II 3 units
RPTH B60 Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care 3 units
RPTH B90 Respiratory Care Capstone Project 2.5 units
Upper Division General Education Units
COMM B10 Health Communication 3 units
COUN B10 Multicultural Human Relations 3 units
PHIL B10 Medical Ethics 3 units
SOCI B10 Intersectionality and Citizenship 3 units
SOSC B10 Public Health Policy 3 units
Lower Division Major Coursework Units
RPTH 400 Patient & Health Care Concerns 1.5 units
RPTH 410 Introduction to Patient Care & Respiratory Assessment Techniques 3 units
RPTH 415 Respiratory Pharmacology 1.5 units
RPTH 420 Application of Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology 3 units
RPTH 430 Introduction to Respiratory Therapeutics 6 units
RPTH 438 Clinical Clerkship I 1 unit
RPTH 445 Respiratory Diseases I 2 units
RPTH 448 Clinical Clerkship II 2 units
RPTH 450 Respiratory Diseases II 3 units
RPTH 458 Clinical Clerkship III 6 units
RPTH 460 Respiratory Critical Care 3 units
RPTH 475 Hemodynamic Monitoring and Selected Topics in Respiratory Care 2 units
RPTH 480 Diagnostic Testing and Outpatient Respiratory Care 2 units
RPTH 485 Clinical Medicine Seminar 2 units
RPTH 488 Clinical Clerkship IV 6 units
RPTH 490 Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care 2.5 units
RPTH 495 Respiratory Care Board Examination Preparation and Review 2 units
Total Required Major Units: 120