COLTS Academy

Building 9, Room 219-A, Learning Center
Phone (650)306-3111

The Community of Leadership and Transfer Success (COLTS) Academy is a grant funded program designed to cultivate a supportive and academically rich environment to help students START STRONG, STAY STRONG, and FINISH STRONG. COLTS Academy offers three summer programs to support students at pivotal transition points in college.

COLTS Academy 1: Start Strong is a 4-day program for first-year incoming students who are transitioning from high school into Cañada College. The focus of this academy is to connect students to campus resources and community, cultivate leadership opportunities, and to develop a tool-kit for college success.

COLTS Academy 2: Stay Strong is a 3-day program for 2nd year and/or continuing students with a strong emphasis on enhancing academic strategies and transfer support. COLTS 2 strengthens the connection students have to campus resources and faculty, develops strong study skills and academic tools, and helps students determine their transfer and career objectives.

COLTS Academy 3: Finish Strong is a 2-day program for students who are preparing to transfer to a 4-year university. It provides students with opportunities to connect to Cañada’s transfer support programs, begin the application process, and work on responses to the UC Personal Insight Questions.