(See also Aquatics, Dance, Fitness, Individual Sports, Kinesiology, Team Sports, and Varsity Sports)

The majority of courses offered by the San Mateo County Community College District are now leveled to show progression from the most fundamental (level 1) to the most advanced (level 4). Course levels can be identified by a .1, .2, .3, or .4 system or by the course title. Course levels may be scheduled simultaneously. Students are advised to enroll initially at the fundamental level (.1) regardless of previous experience and be placed at the appropriate level based on instructor assessment. Adapted Physical Education and intercollegiate sports related courses are not affected by the repeatability legislation.

Kinesiology activity courses are subject to repeatability limitations. Students are now limited to a maximum of four courses per family listed below. If there is more than one course in a particular family, a student may only enroll in a maximum of four total courses within that family. After four courses within a family have been taken, a student has the option to audit should they wish to continue enrolling in courses within that family. Students who audit do not count toward meeting local minimum enrollment requirements. Thus, a class may be cancelled if enough credit seeking students are not enrolled no matter how many students wish to audit. For information about how to audit, students should refer to the audit policy in the catalog.

A course previously taken by a student, prior to course leveling within the identified family will count as a repeat and limit future enrollments of courses within that family to a maximum of four combined. Below is a matrix which identifies the previous courses (based on the 2012-2013 catalog) and the equivalent with levels. This limitation on enrollment applies to all coursework attempted by the student. Students not having previously taken a Kinesiology or Dance activity course may have the opportunity to enroll in courses within a particular family for a maximum of four times.