Registering for Classes and the Student Success Process

The Student Success Process is a state mandated process that describes a partnership that you, the student, and Cañada College agree to form for the purpose of realizing your individual educational goals. This partnership acknowledges responsibilities of both the College and YOU, the student, to reach those goals through established programs, policies and requirements currently in place.

Complete the Student Success Process steps prior to registration if you have one or more of the following educational goals:

  • obtain a vocational certificate,
  • obtain an Associate degree,
  • transfer to a four-year college or university, or
  • are undecided about your specific educational goals but are considering the above options.

Exemption from Student Success Process

You are exempt from the Student Success Process if on your application you have indicated one of the following:

  • have completed an Associate or higher degree, or
  • have enrolled in classes for personal enrichment only and do not intend to earn a degree or certificate, or
  • are primarily a student at another educational institution and taking courses at Cañada College to meet requirements of that institution.

If you are EXEMPT from the Student Success Process, you will receive an assigned date to register via WebSMART, after your application is processed.