Steps to Success

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Step #1 - Apply to Attend

Complete an online application for admission at You will receive an email confirming your application and containing your student identification number (“G” number).

Step #2 - Apply for Financial Aid

You may qualify for state and/or federal financial aid. US citizens, permanent residents, and other eligible non-citizens should apply using the FAFSA at AB540 students who are unable to complete the FAFSA should apply for state aid using the the California Dream Application at Have the results sent to Cañada College (school code 006973).

Step #3 - Attend New Student Orientation/ Complete Initial English and Math Placement

The college orientation program is REQUIRED and provides information about the registration process, college policies, academic expectations, educational goals, and student services. You can complete the orientation online through Websmart.  You can also contact the Welcome Center at (650) 306-3452 to schedule an in person orientation (if available) or to sign up for our Priority Engagement Program.

Your Placement Rights and AB 705

As a California Community College student, you have the right to begin your education in transfer-level English and math courses, which will allow you to finish these courses within a year and graduate faster. This is all due to Assembly Bill (AB) 705. Depending on your educational goal or program of study, not all students need to take English and/or Math courses. Please consult your counselor. To learn more about placement services and your rights under AB 705, please visit: 

Here’s how we help you find the right courses:

  1. We will use the information you entered into CCCApply when you applied to Cañada. This typically includes your overall High School Grade Point Average (GPA) and which English and Math courses you took in high school.
  2. If you did not submit this information in CCCApply, you can submit it (or update it) any time in WebSMART:
    • Go to
    • Go to the top of the page and Click on the "Student" tab, and under the "Student Services" section, select the link for "Student Records"
    • In the "Student Records" page, select "High School Transcript Information"
    • Fill out the appropriate fields in this section.
  3. You can also send us an email that includes your G Number, High School GPA, and High School Math and English course titles and grades along with your unofficial High School Transcripts. Please send your email to:
  4. You can also submit electronic copies of the following documents when you meet with an academic counselor:
    • AP Scores (Results may not be conditional)
    • Unofficial Transcripts from another College or University
  5. If students do not agree with their English and/or mathplacement based on high school achievement, or iftranscripts are unavailable they may complete the GuidedSelf Placement process with an academic counselor.
English Recommended Placement Based on High School Achievement
Group H.S. GPA Recommended Placement
1 ≥ 2.6 ENGL 100
2 1.9 to 2.6

ENGL 105

(Including additional academic and concurrent support)
3 < 1.9

ENGL 105

(Including additional academic and concurrent support)

Statistics for Liberal Arts Recommendeded Placement Based on High School Achievement

Group H.S. GPA Recommended Placement
1 ≥ 3.0 MATH 145, 200, 201
2 2.3 to 2.9

MATH 200 + 800
(Including additional academic and concurrent support)

3 < 2.3

MATH 200 + 800
(Including additional academic and concurrent support)

Business or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Recommended Placement Based on High School Achievement
Group H.S. GPA Recommended Placement
1 ≥ 3.4 or... ≥ 2.6 & previously enrolled in a HS Calculus course

MATH 125, 130, 150, 225, 241


≥ 2.6 or… previously enrolled in a HS Pre-Calculus course

MATH 130 + 830

MATH 225 + 825

MATH 241 + 841

(Including additional academic and concurrent support)

3 ≤ 2.6 and no previous Pre-Calculus  Same as Group 2, above

Step #4 - Meet with a Counselor

Upon completion of the College Orientation and Placement you will receive an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss placement level, educational goals and to select courses appropriate to your academic readiness and educational/career goals.

Step #5 - Register for Classes

New non exempt students will receive their registration appointment once they have completed the College Orientation, Assessment and Counseling session. Use WebSMART to register for classes. Complete information regarding registration dates and procedures is available in the College Schedule of Classes.

After you have registered and paid for classes, you are officially enrolled at Cañada College. Be sure to attend the first class meeting and work with your professors to meet the challenges and demands of each class. Use Counseling services regularly by scheduling an appointment at least once a semester to meet with your counselor to discuss:

  • Progress towards your educational goals
  • Develop or update your Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Learn about important student services that enhance student success

Priority Registration

Priority registration gives specific groups of students the opportunity to register for classes early. Generally, groups are given priority based on maintaining a current Student Educational Plan, completing the Student Success steps, and earning a total number of units with the district.

To receive a priority registration date, students must be in “good standing”. The state defines “good standing” as students who are not on academic/progress probation (for two consecutive semesters) or on dismissal, or have not earned more than 100 degree applicable units. If you are on probation for two consecutive semesters or on dismissal, or have earned 100 units or more, you will not receive a priority registration date. You will be able to register after the priority registration process is completed. To appeal the loss of priority registration, complete the “Loss of Priority Registration and/or the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee Waiver Petition” ( Completed petition needs to be turned into the Admissions & Records office.

Step #6 - Pay Fees (required)

Students are required to pay registration fees at time of registration, or have other sources (financial aid, California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee Waiver, Third Party Payer or Payment Plan.) Students will be dropped for non-payment of fees, after seven business days, or less, depending on when classes begin. Please see website for most up-to-date information on fee deadlines. Students will not be permitted to register with an outstanding balance.

Step #7 - Arrange Transportation and Parking

See additional sections on Parking in this catalog.

Step #8 - Purchase or Rent Books; Pick up your Student Body Card

See additional section on the Bookstore in this catalog. Go to Building 5, Room 354, where the staff will take your picture and you your official Student Body Card. Please remember to update this card every semester you attend Cañada.

Step #9 - Attend Classes

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. See Attendance Regulations section in this catalog.

Step #10 - Get Involved to Succeed!

Make time to join campus clubs and take advantage of student support services. There are many support services and campus activities for just right for you. Please see the "Student Services and Special Programs" section in this catalog.

Students with disabilities who need assistance with any part of the matriculation process should contact the Disability Resource Center at (650) 306-3259.