Interest Areas

Interest Areas Can Guide Your Education and Career Towards the Right Path

Interest Areas at Cañada College are groups of similar programs of study. As part of your first semester at Cañada, you’ll be able to explore careers and program requirements in each group. Explore what’s right for you! 


ART, Design & Performance Interest Area

Are you interested in jobs that involve creativity and artistic expression?

Students in this interest area design, create or perform everything from digital art and animation, studio art, musical and theatrical performances, interior design, fashion, and graphic design. Art, Design, and Performance degrees help students express their artistic imagination, develop their creative thinking, complete technical hands-on projects, and strengthen communication and teamwork skills. Create with your career!

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Business Interest Area

Are you an entrepreneur eager to start your own business? Do you want to be part of a business that is changing the world? Do you want to use economics to solve social or environmental issues? Are you ready to expand your skills in the legal arena?

Courses in these programs will prepare you for earning bachelor degrees at UC and CSU and enable you to go into administration, marketing, accounting, and management positions within large and small businesses, as well as help in starting your own business. Certificate programs lead directly to careers in administration and law. Courses are offered conveniently during day and evening hours, as well as online and in accelerated pathways.

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Human Behavior & Culture Interest Area

Are you interested in social justice, improving quality of life for others, and working to build a better future? You might want to consider a career in the social sciences, education, or language arts. In the Human Behavior and Culture Interest Area, you can study a wide range of topics that impact our communities.

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Science & Health Interest Area

Do you like to solve problems, tackle environmental issues, design machines and systems, or improve health and people’s lives in your community? Studying the sciences and human biology can help us produce medicines, deliver healthcare, improve the environment, and develop innovative technologies that improve our lives. Degrees in these fields lead to careers as engineers, scientists, radiologic technologists, fitness trainers, dieticians, environmental educators, and medical assistants, among many other options.

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Cañada College Interest Areas can help focus your course choices towards the Degree or Certificate that is right for you. 

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