Program Overview

This program provides advanced hands-on skills and training in industry-relevant science and engineering principles of the field of Photonics and Laser technology (PALT). PALT deals with the generation, harnessing, sensing and manipulation of light and other forms of radiant energy (solid state lighting, lasers, lamps, LED's etc.) through various mechanical, optical, and electrical systems. This field plays a vital role in driving the innovation in many industries. For example, applications of optics and photonics occur in sectors like optical data communications, imaging, health, aerospace, military, environment, entertainment and lighting and displays. They also occur in manufacturing sectors like life sciences, health care, transportation, security and safety.


Major: Core Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 27 units Units
PALT 401 Introduction to Photonics and Laser Technology 2 units
PALT 402 Geometrical Optics 4 units
PALT 403 Optics and Photonics Modeling and Design 3 units
PALT 404 Wave Optics 4 units
PALT 405 Introduction to Laser Technology 3 units
PALT 406 Components and Devices in Photonics and Laser Technology 2 units
PALT 407 Optical Coating Technology 3 units
PALT 408 Optical Fibers 3 units
PALT 409 Advanced Photonics Technology 3 units
Total Required Units: 27