Program Overview

Pre-nursing " To prepare students to enter most nursing programs, students will need to complete BIOL 240/ 250/260, general chemistry (CHEM 410 or 210/220), statistics (MATH 200), and often an interpersonal communication class and writing or critical thinking class.

To prepare students to specifically enter the San Francisco State BSN nursing program at Cañada, students will need to complete BIOL 240/250/260, general chemistry (CHEM 410 or 210 or 192), Statistics (MATH 200), ENGL 100 or ENGL 105, COMM 110 (or other oral communication class), and PHIL 103 (or other critical thinking class). Courses not required for application but required for licensure and preparation for upper division course work include the following: PSYC 100 or 200 and ENGL 110 or 165. Students should have no more than 1 pre-requisite in progress at the time of application.

Please Note:

While not required, experience has shown that students do better if they take BIOL 240 last in the sequence.

  • CHEM 410, CHEM 192 or CHEM 210 is required before BIOL 260 (physiology) and BIOL 240 (microbiology), so chemistry must be taken in the first year. CHEM 192 and 410 require MATH 110 or MATH 190, while CHEM 210 requires MATH 120.

  • CHEM 410 is the chemistry class most often taken by students interested in nursing.

  • An introductory biology course is not required by SFSU, but either BIOL 110 or BIOL 130/132 is required before starting the BIOL 250/260/240 sequence. MATH 200 (statistics) can be taken any time after intermediate algebra.

Cañada College offers lower division coursework required for transfer in nursing. Students should use PROJECT ASS IST ( to research lower division major requirements at the transfer destination(s) of their choice. Also, work with a Counselor/Advisor to determine appropriate transfer coursework.