Program Overview

The Certificate of Achievement in Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) " CSU, will be awarded upon completion of the IGETC requirements as outlined below. Students must complete a minimum of 37 (CSU) units, which are distributed among six areas. IGETC requirements are designed to be taken with a major area of concentration and elective courses in preparation for transfer to a California State University.

This certificate recognizes the completion of lower division general education requirements for IGETC. For many majors, students are encouraged to complete the IGETC pattern; however, it is not required for admission to the CSU. An official petition must be filed with the Admission and Records Office prior to the graduation deadlines as stated in the Academic Calendar.


Major: Core and Selective Requirements Please refer to the Certificate of Achievement General Requirements section of the catalog for additional certificate major requirements that MUST be met. Selective Courses, complete a minimum of 37 units of coursework to meet the IGETC/CSU requirements as listed below.
Complete 9 units in Area 1: English Communication Units
Area 1A: English Composition 3 units
Area 1B: Critical Thinking - English Composition 3 units
Area 1C: Oral Communication 3 units
Complete a minimum of 3 units in Area 2: Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning Units
Area 2 3 units
Complete 9 units in Area 3: Arts and Humanities* Units
Area 3A: Arts 3 units
Area 3B: Humanities 3 units
Area 3A or 3B 3 units
*At least one course must be selected from Arts and one course from Humanities. The third course can be selected from either Arts or Humanities.
Complete 9 units in Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences** Units
Area 4** 9 units
**Three courses selected from at least 2 disciplines or an interdisciplinary sequence
Complete a minimum of 7 units in Area 5: Physical and Biological Sciences*** Units
Area 5A: Physical Science 3 - 4 units
Area 5B: Biological Science 3 - 4 units
***At least one course must include a laboratory component
Total Required Units: 37