Program Overview

Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior. Political science subfields include political theory, political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, pre-law and a host of related fields. Political scientists use both humanistic and scientific perspectives and tools and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the process, systems, and political dynamics of all countries and regions of the world.


AA-T Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 3 units Units
PLSC 210 American Politics 3 units
Selective Courses, choose a minimum of 15-17 units from the following:
List A, select 3 Courses (9-10 units) Units
MATH 200 Elementary Probability and Statistics 4 units
PLSC 130 Introduction to International Relations 3 units
PLSC 150 Introduction to Political Theory 3 units
PLSC 170 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 units
List B, select at least 2 courses (minimum 6-7 units) Units
Any course from list A not already used 3 - 4 units
COMM 150 Intercultural Communication 3 units
COMM 180 Introduction to Communication Studies 3 units
ECON 100 Principles of Macro Economics 3 units
GEOG 110 Cultural Geography 3 units
HIST 201 U.S. History through 1877 3 units
PLSC 103 Critical Thinking About World Politics 3 units
PLSC 310 California State and Local Government 3 units
SOCI 141 Ethnicity and Race in Society 3 units
Total Required Major Units: 18 - 20

General Education - certified completion of one of the following:

  • California State University General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE Breadth),
  • OR
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC/CSU) pattern

Elective courses: If applicable, additional courses to meet the minimum 60 CSU transferable units requirement.

Please refer to Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Requirements for more information.