Program Overview

Psychology, the science concerned with behavior and mental processing, is a broad discipline, essentially spanning subject matter from biology to sociology. It covers the intersection of two critical relationships: one between brain function (biology) and behavior, and one between the environment (sociology) and behavior. Psychology is concerned with the study of human and nonhuman animal behavior and mental processing. While the individual is usually the focal point (as in personality, developmental, clinical and therapy areas) the influence of group behavior on the individual is also considered. Psychology involves both pure science and practical application to everyday living.The field of psychology follows scientific methods, using careful observation, experimentation, and analysis that results in scientific findings of natural and social science.


AA-T Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 10 units Units
MATH 200 Elementary Probability and Statistics 4 units
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3 units
PSYC 205 Social Science Research Methods 3 units
SOCI 205 Social Science Research Methods 3 units
Selective Courses, choose a minimum of 9 units from the following:
List A, complete a minimum of 3 units from the following: Units
BIOL 110 Principles Of Biology 4 units
BIOL 130 Human Biology 3 units
List B, complete a minimum of 3 units from the following: Units
Any List A course not already used 3 - 4 units
PSYC 200 Developmental Psychology 3 units
PSYC 300 Social Psychology 3 units
PSYC 410 Abnormal Psychology 3 units
List C, complete a minimum of 3 units from the following: Units
PSYC 106 Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination 3 units
PSYC 340 Introduction to Human Sexuality 3 units
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 units
Total Required Major Units: 19
General Education - certified completion of one of the following:
  • California State University General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE Breadth),
  • OR
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC/CSU) pattern
Elective courses: If applicable, additional courses to meet the minimum 60 CSU transferable units requirement.

Please refer to Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Requirements for more information.