Program Overview

The Radiologic Technology program offers a comprehensive curriculum leading to an AS degree and qualifications for employment in medical facilities throughout the country. Students participate in classroom instruction and clinical education in our affiliated hospitals. Program graduates must take the licensure examination required by the State of California and the certification examination given by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Prospective students must complete a separate application to the program (available in November for the following Fall entrance) in addition to the regular college application. An information meeting is held annually in November for prospective students. For more information, please call the Science and Technology Division office at 306-3291.


AS Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 70.5 units* Units
PHYS 405 Applied Radiographic Physics 3 units
RADT 400 Orientation to Radiologic Technology 2 units
RADT 408 Perspectives in Radiology 1.5 units
RADT 410 Radiographic Positioning 4 units
RADT 415 Radiation Protection and Biology 3 units
RADT 418 Clinical Education I RADT 418, 428, 438, 448, 458, 468 Clinical Education I-VI (total approx. 1900 hours) 4.5 units
RADT 420 Radiographic Positioning II 4 units
RADT 428 Clinical Education II 6.5 units
RADT 430 Principles of Radiographic Image Production 3.5 units
RADT 435 Imaging Equipment and Quality Control 1.5 units
RADT 438 Clinical Education III 4.5 units
RADT 440 Advanced Imaging Modalities & Specialized Procedures 4 units
RADT 441 Sectional Anatomy 1.5 units
RADT 442 Radiographic Pathology 1.5 units
RADT 448 Clinical Education IV 9.5 units
RADT 450 Registry Review 1.5 units
RADT 458 Clinical Education V 9 units
RADT 468 Clinical Education VI 4.5 units
RADT 474 Venipuncture for Contrast Media Administration 1 unit
RADT 418, 428, 438, 448, 458, 468 Clinical Education I-VI (total approx. 1912 hours) A grade of C or better is necessary for progression in the sequence. Students must obtain current certification in CPR for health care providers.
Total Required Major Units: 70.5

*and required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the Associate degree requirements.

It is recommended that the majority of the General Education requirements for the AS degree be completed prior to entry to the program.

Please refer to the AA/AS Degree Requirements for more information.