Transferring within the District

The San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees has adopted Board Policy 6.26, which provides for reciprocity of course credit among the District’s three colleges for purposes of meeting graduation requirements.

  1. Students may transfer from one College within the District to another without penalty, although differences in curriculum offerings among the Colleges may exist.
  2. Individual courses students have taken at a particular College within the District that satisfy an area in the general education pattern, elective, statutory, and/or specific area requirements at one District College shall be accepted by the other District Colleges as satisfying those same requirements.
  3. Students who have completed an entire General Education pattern, electives, residency, competency, statutory and specific area requirements, at one District College shall be determined to have completely fulfilled all area requirements for graduation or certificate programs at any of the District Colleges. Upon transferring to another District College, students shall be required to complete only those courses applicable toward their major for the Associate Degree or Certificate Program.
  4. District students who transfer to another College within the District shall receive full transfer credit for instruction completed in their major field but, in order to graduate, they shall be expected to meet the major-field graduation requirements established by the College to which they have transferred.
  5. Students who have taken course work at more than one of the District’s Colleges shall ordinarily be recommended for graduation by the College in which they have taken the majority of their course work. Students who have completed the majority of their course work at a college outside the District must complete a minimum of 12 units and either 12 units or 50% of the units required for the major, whichever is fewer, at one or more of the District Colleges in order to be recommended for graduation with the Associate Degree or completion of a Certificate Program.