SMCCCD has enlisted the help of Parchment to manage student records. Parchment will now provide your transcript ordering, printing, and delivery service. Their TranscriptPlus feature will allow students to request transcripts at any time, on any day of the week.

On behalf of SMCCCD, Parchment will have the authority to fulfill all electronic transcript requests and respond to related inquiries. All PDF transcripts produced through the electronic transcript process are identical to paper transcripts. These PDFs can be certified as unaltered by visiting the website provided during the delivery process.

Official transcripts will be sent to employers, colleges and other institutions upon a student submitting an online transcript request via WebSMART. Most requests are generally processed within one business day from date received. Courses taken at Cañada College, CSM, and/or Skyline appear on the college transcript and transfer courses evaluated through TES. Transcripts from high schools and other colleges will not be forwarded. The first two transcripts requested within SMCCCD are free. Each additional transcript costs $5.00. Official transcripts mailed directly to the student from Parchment may only be opened by the receiving institution.

Transcript Evaluation Service (TES)

Students with external coursework, coursework completed at colleges and universities outside the San Mateo County Community District (SMCCCD), should use Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) to determine how it will be applied to the following educational goal(s) at (Cañada College/College of San Mateo/ Skyline College):

  • Certificate or associate degree major requirements
  • Associate degree general education requirements
  • California State University General Education (CSU GE) certification
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) certification

TES will complete a transcript evaluation of lower-division degree-applicable external coursework which serves as official response from the SMCCCD.

The external coursework will be included in the student's academic history and awarded the same unit value (or quarter-to-semester unit equivalent) and grade (or grade point value) as listed on the external transcript.  Evaluated coursework defined by the external institution as lower than a C (2.0) will have limitations for prerequisite, certificate, associate degree major, CSU GE certification and/or IGETC certification requirements.

To request a transcript evaluation a student must:

  • Plan to complete a certificate, associate degree, CSU GE certification and/or IGETC certification within the SMCCCD
  • Be enrolled in a class in a SMCCCD college
  • Have a combination of previously completed and currently enrolled courses adding to 6 units in the SMCCCD
  • Submit all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions & Records of your home college 
  • Update student information on WebSMART with current and accurate educational goal

NOTE: Students who completed all coursework in the SMCCCD should not request a transcript evaluation since the service only reviews coursework from outside the SMCCCD.

For more information, visit the District Transcript Evaluation website or call 650-574-6234.