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Music activity courses are subject to repeatability limitations. Students are now limited to a maximum of four courses per family. A family of courses may contain more than four courses. If there are more than four courses in a particular family, a student may only enroll in a maximum of four total courses within that family. A course previously taken by a student (prior to the legislation) within the identified family will count as a repeat and limit future enrollments of courses within that family to a maximum of four.

Music activity courses are offered in levels by progression. Courses are listed by title; for example, Piano, Guitar, etc., and then by level. Level I is beginning; Level II is intermediate; Level III is intermediate/advanced; and Level IV is advanced. The course number also indicates the level. For example, a beginning Piano class would be listed as MUS. 301.1, Piano I while an advanced Piano class would be MUS. 301.4, Piano IV.

New students are advised to enroll in the beginning level and be placed by their instructor upon assessment. Continuing students who have previously taken a course within a family, must progress to the next level.

Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
MUS. 100 Fundamentals of Music 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 120 Songwriting Workshop I 3 CSU
MUS. 202 Music Appreciation 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 210 Histories of Popular Music and Rock 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 215 Music, Culture and History 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 240 Music of the Americas 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 250 World Music 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 260 Music in Film, Television and Multimedia 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 275 History of Jazz 3 CSU/UC
MUS. 301 Piano I 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 302 Piano II 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 303 Piano III 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 304 Piano IV 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 371 Guitar I 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 372 Guitar II 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 373 Guitar III 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 374 Guitar IV 2 CSU/UC
MUS. 695 Independent Study 0.5 - 3 CSU