Program Overview

The AS-T major in Biology prepares students for transfer into bachelor's degree programs in Biology and similar fields.

Career Opportunities: Degree recipients in Biological Sciences are prepared for careers in civil service, industry, or teaching; and are prepared for professional training in such fields as biological science education, biotechnology, nursing, public health, environmental health, biological or biomedical research, pre-medicine and all related areas of biology.


AS-T Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses , 10 units Units
BIOL 225 Biology Of Organisms 5 units
BIOL 230 Cell and Molecular Biology 5 units
Selective Courses, choose 23 units from the following: Units
CHEM 210 General Chemistry I 5 units
CHEM 220 General Chemistry II 5 units
MATH 251 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5 units
PHYS 210 General Physics I 4 units
PHYS 220 General Physics II 4 units
PHYS 250 Physics with Calculus I 4 units
PHYS 260 Physics with Calculus II 4 units
Total Required Major Units: 33

General Education Requirements:*

Certified Completion of CSU-GE Breadth for STEM Pattern, 33 units


Certified Completion of IGETC for STEM Pattern, 31 units