Program Overview

Latin American and Latino/a Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses from multiple academic departments to give students a broad understanding of historical, social, and cultural aspects of Latin America and Latino/a communities. Coursework in social sciences, literature, music, dance, drama, and Spanish language provides a comprehensive approach to historical and contemporary issues as well as questions of identity, heritage and creative expression.


AA Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements Selective Courses, complete a total of 18 - 23 units from the following:
Area 1 - Social Sciences, choose a minimum of 6 units from the following: Units
HIST 245 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in the U.S. 3 units
HIST 246 History of Latinos in the U.S. 3 units
HIST 422 Modern Latin America 3 units
PSYC 106 Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination 3 units
SOCI 141 Ethnicity and Race in Society 3 units
Area 2 - Arts, Culture and Literature, choose a minimum of 4-6 units from the following: Units
DANC 115.1 Mexican Folkloric Dance I 1 unit
DANC 115.2 Mexican Folkloric Dance II 1 unit
DANC 115.3 Mexican Folkloric Dance III 1 unit
DANC 115.4 Mexican Folkloric Dance IV 1 unit
DANC 125.1 Salsa I 1 unit
DANC 125.2 Salsa II 1 unit
DANC 125.3 Salsa III 1 unit
DANC 125.4 Salsa IV 1 unit
DRAM 160 Latin American Theatre 3 units
LIT. 371 Mexican-American Literature 3 units
LIT. 372 Myth and Folklore of La Raza 3 units
LIT. 373 Latin American Literature in Translation 3 units
MUS. 240 Music of the Americas 3 units
SPAN 162 Latino Literature II 3 units
Area 3 - Spanish Language and Heritage, choose a minimum of 3-5 units from the following: Units
SPAN 120 Advanced Elementary Spanish 5 units
SPAN 122 Advanced Elementary Spanish II 3 units
SPAN 131 Intermediate Spanish I 3 units
SPAN 132 Intermediate Spanish II 3 units
SPAN 140 Advanced Intermediate Spanish 3 units
SPAN 145 Spanish Conversation through Film 3 units
SPAN 150 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I 4 units
SPAN 152 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 4 units
Area 4, choose a minimum of 5-6 units from the following: Units
Any course or courses not selected from Areas 1, 2 or 3 5 - 6 units
Total Required Major Units: 18 - 23

And required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the minimum 60 units required for the Associate degree.

Please refer to the AA/AS Degree Requirements for more information.