Program Overview

The Pathways to Student Success certificate of achievement acknowledges students' completion of the first level of college work in English, reading, math, and other academic and technology courses. Students receiving this certificate will be able to use the reading, writing, computation and study skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses and will develop a Student Educational Plan by identifying and assessing educational opportunities at Cañada College. The certificate indicates to employers that the students have the communication and critical thinking skills to compete in today's workforce. Earning this certificate of achievement also encourages students to persist and earn other certificates and/or associate degrees.


Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, minimum of 3 units Units
ENGL 100 Reading and Composition 3 units
ENGL 105 Intensive Composition and Reading 5 units
Selective courses, choose a minimum of 13 units from the following:
Area A: Complete 3 units from the following courses: Units
COMM 110 Public Speaking 3 units
COMM 127 Argumentation and Debate 3 units
COMM 130 Interpersonal Communication 3 units
COMM 140 Small Group Communication 3 units
Area B: Complete a minimum of 3 units from the following courses: Units
BUS. 113 Personal Finance 3 units
MATH 145 Liberal Arts Mathematics 3 units
MATH 190 Path to Statistics 6 units
Area C: Complete a minimum of 7 units from the following courses: Units
BUS. 401 Business Communications 3 units
CBOT 432 Introduction to Computer Applications 3 units
CRER 110 Honors Colloquium in Career and Personal Development: Transfer Essentials and Planning 1 unit
CRER 137 Life and Career Planning 3 units
CRER 401 College Success 1 unit
CRER 430 Career Assessment 0.5 units
LIBR 100 Introduction to Information Research 1 unit
Total Required Units: 16