Program Overview

Payroll Specialists require specific bookkeeping/accounting/payroll training and current computer technology including word processing and spreadsheet programs. The specialist will perform a wide variety of record keeping and payroll processing activities, including computing wage and overtime payments, calculating and recording payroll deductions, processing requests for paycheck advances, and processing terminations.


Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 16.5 units Units
ACTG 100 Accounting Procedures 3 units
ACTG 180 Payroll Accounting 1.5 units
ACTG 200 QuickBooks 3 units
BUS. 101 Human Relations in the Workplace 3 units
BUS. 103 Introduction to Business Information Systems 3 units
CBOT 435 Spreadsheets 3 units
Selective Courses, choose a minimum of 1.5 units from the following: Units
CBOT 470 Advanced Spreadsheets 1.5 units
CBOT 472 Beginning Word Processing 1.5 units
Total Required Units: 18