Student Rights and Records

All members of the San Mateo County Community College District community share the responsibility for preserving the freedom to learn. The College’s policies and procedures are designed to safeguard this freedom. Students attending any college in the San Mateo county Community College District will have full access to the rules and regulations under which these colleges operate and will be assured an impartial hearing in instances when a regulation allegedly is violated.

AB 705 and Your Placement Rights

As a California Community College student, you have the right to begin your education in transfer-level English and math courses, which will allow you to finish these courses within a year and graduate faster.

As an English Language Learner at Cañada, you have the right to enter and complete an associate degree or transfer to a 4-year college in English within three years of beginning your English and a Second Language (ESL) coursework at Cañada.  If you were placed into ESL coursework prior to fall 2020 you have the right to be re-placed with our new process- this may allow you to finish your ESL sequence faster. To discuss your options:

To make an appointment with a counselor, please visit: 

Learn more about new state law and your rights as a California community college student: California Community Colleges and AB 705.