High School Students/Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

Students attending high school may register concurrently for Cañada College classes. Interested students must submit an application and the College Connection Course Request Form.
Students should apply online at: https://canadacollege.edu/concurrent/index.php.

Cost for concurrent enrollment:

  • Enrollment fees are waived for students in California high schools if they are registered in 11 or less units. If the student exceeds 11 units they are required to pay all fees for all units in which they are enrolled.
  • Non-resident fees are waived for all high school students with 11 or less units. If the student exceeds 11 units they are required to pay all fees for all units in which they are enrolled. Student body fees are optional for California high school students. 

Many college courses have prerequisites and/or corequisites.  Students who wish to enroll in an English or mathematics course or any course that has an English or a math prerequisite should email an unofficial copy of their high school transcript to canadaplacement@smccd.edu. Students who wish to take an English as a Second Language course should call the Welcome Center at (650) 306-3452 to schedule an ESL assessment. All other prerequisites will need to challenged directly with the professor of the course.

The final decision for admission of any student to any class rests with Cañada College. Courses available to high school students under this program are not to supplant or eliminate any courses scheduled by their high school. The student will be required to fulfill necessary prerequisites for courses.

Students participating in the College Connection Program will receive college credit for all coursework completed. Students may request that a transcript of all college coursework completed be sent to their high school registrar to be considered for credit toward high school graduation.

Please Note: If you are a home-schooled student, a copy of your R4 (Private School Affidavit) form will be required along with your Course Request Form.

For more information about high school programs, please contact the Dual Enrollment at +1 (650) 306-3394 or canadadual@smccd.edu.