The Learning Center offers self-paced courses and integrates technological resources and learning assistance services in the Tutorial Center, the Computer Center, the Math, Writing and ESL Multi-Media Skills Center, the MESA program and the Learning Achievement Center. The self-paced courses, many of which utilize computer-assisted and individualized instruction, focus on the improvement of specific skills, and can be completed whenever the Center is open. For more information, please visit the Learning Center in Building 9, on the second floor, or call (650) 306-3348.

Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
LCTR 100 Effective Tutoring and Practicum 1 CSU
LCTR 139 The Research Paper from A to Z 2 CSU
LCTR 140 Professional Writing 2 CSU
LCTR 151 Health Science Vocabulary 1 CSU
LCTR 698 Supervised Tutoring/Academic Assistance 0 No
LCTR 810 Study Skills 1 No
LCTR 822 Grammar Trouble Spots I 1 No
LCTR 823 Grammar Trouble Spots II 1 No
LCTR 840 Vocabulary Improvement I 1 No
LCTR 841 Vocabulary Improvement II 1 No
LCTR 842 Vocabulary Improvement III 1 No
LCTR 843 Vocabulary Improvement IV 1 No