Non-Payment of Fees

San Mateo County Community College District policy requires students to pay all fees at the time of enrollment. The policy states that students will be dropped from classes for non-payment of fees. Deadlines to pay fees are published in the Fees section of the class schedule and college website before the beginning of every semester or term registration. If students are unable to pay their fees, they are encouraged to enroll in an inexpensive payment plan via WebSMART, apply for financial aid ( or as eligible) at least five days prior to registering for your classes, or complete the Board of Governors Fee Waiver via WebSMART to prevent being dropped from classes. If students need financial assistance after exhausting all options listed above, they may contact the Vice President of Student Services. Students who have unpaid fees on their record will not receive grade reports or other records of their work, and will be denied registration unless all outstanding fees have been paid.