Program Overview

The Inclusion Support Certificate provides students with foundational knowledge and skills for those working with children with disabilities (PreK-12) in either self-contained or inclusive learning environments.

The 10-unit certificate requires 4 courses, each of which targets key concepts and competencies integral to the Special Education profession, including but not limited to:

  1. Characteristics of children with diverse disabilities as outlined by legislated categorical definitions and criteria
  2. Curriculum adaptations and modifications
  3. Positive Behavior Support, and
  4. Culminating experience requiring observation and case-analysis


Core Courses Units
ECE. 260 Children with Special Needs 3 units
ECE. 263 Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs 3 units
EDUC 265 Positive Behavior Support in Inclusive Settings 3 units
EDUC 300 Applied Inclusive Strategies 1 unit
Total Required Units: 10