Online Learning

Distance learning courses are Cañada College credit courses that give students the opportunity to complete some or all course work outside the classroom, on their own time, usually at home. They are offered as online or hybrid.

Online Courses

Online courses are ones in which the instructor and student are separated by distance for the entire course and can interact exclusively through the assistance of communication technology. The course is conducted through a class website, which may include multimedia material and links to other online resources. Students interact with the instructor and other students through posted class discussions, direct individual communication and assignments (which may include group work). Testing may be done online via proctoring arrangements or other means. Instructors require no mandatory on-campus meetings. If an instructor wishes to incorporate on-campus meetings into the course, the instructor must also provide for alternative distance education means of student participation.

Fully or Partially Synchronous, Online Courses

Fully or Partially Synchronous, Online Courses are offered online, in which the student will need to login during the specified days/times indicated. Students should discuss any potential flexibility regarding the scheduled hours directly with the faculty member.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses substitute face-to-face instructional hours with online work, and have some regularly scheduled on-campus meetings without alternative distance education means of student participation.

Online or hybrid courses are academically equivalent to on-campus courses and are transferable to most four-year colleges and universities. See the Schedule of Classes, or visit our website——for information on specific course offerings.