Registration Policies

Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments

Students may not enroll in two or more sections of the same credit course during the same term. Students may not register in two courses which meet at the same time or have overlapping times. Exceptions to this rule may be approved under circumstances of academic necessity (not scheduling convenience). In addition, approval requires submission to Admissions and Records Office of a documented plan describing how the student will make up missed class time under the instructor’s supervision and attendance documentation at the end of the semester. Overlap exception forms are available on the college website,, and in the Admissions and Records Office.

Unit Load

A student may take no more than 19 units in Fall and Spring semesters or 11 units in Summer Session without the special approval of the counselor and Dean of Counseling. This unit limitation is inclusive of all courses with San Mateo County Community College District.  The “Enroll Beyond Maximum Number of Units” form may be found here:, and in the Admissions and Records Office.  Students working full time should limit their program to six or fewer units. Combinations of work and college study should be carefully discussed with a counselor.

A program of 12 units or more is considered full-time in establishing eligibility for athletics, financial aid, International Student visas, Veterans benefits, and most other benefits which are dependent upon full-time enrollment status for maximum benefits. Some financial assistance programs pro-rate benefits based on a reduced unit load.  Students should check with their program coordinator for specific unit requirements.  (NOTE: 6+ units is full-time for the summer session.)

Enrollment status is defined as follows:

  • Full-time = 12+ units
  • Three-quarter time = 9 – 11 units
  • Half-time = 6 – 8 units
  • Less than half-time = .5 – 5.5 units