Drops and Withdrawals

Students may drop/withdraw from class(es) for either academic or personal reasons. It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw from a class. Any student not following the established drop or withdrawal procedures may be assigned an “F” or “NP” grade by the instructor. It is highly recommended to meet with a counselor regarding dropping or withdrawing as it may impact the completion of the student’s program and/or academic status.


The term “drop” refers to a specific period at the beginning of a term whereby removing oneself from enrollment will result in no record of enrollment in the class for transcript purposes. A student may drop from a semester length course during the first three weeks of instruction and no notation will be made on the academic record of the student. In courses of less than a regular semester duration, a student may drop prior to the completion of 20% of the period of instruction and no notation will be made on the academic record of the student.


A student may withdraw from a semester length course, whether passing or failing, at any time after the third week of instruction through the last day of the fourteenth week of instruction. In courses of less than a regular semester duration, a student may withdraw from the 20% period of completion of instruction to the completion of 75% of the period of instruction. Upon a Withdraw, a “W” shall be noted on the student record.

A “W” is considered a course attempt and is included in the three course attempt limitation for courses not designated as repeatable.

A “W” shall not be assigned or may be removed if assigned from a transcript if the student withdrew due to discriminatory treatment or retaliation for alleged discriminatory treatment.

Late Withdrawal

The academic record of a student who remains in class beyond the time periods set forth above must reflect an authorized symbol other than “W.” However, after the end of the fourteenth week (or after the 75% period of instruction for a course less than semester length) withdrawal may be authorized in the case of extenuating circumstances. These are defined as verified cases of accident, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. An approved withdrawal, under these conditions, shall be recorded as a “W.” An extenuating circumstance petition may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office or at the College website: www.canadacollege.edu. (under the “Admissions” tab, then by clicking on “Resources” drop down menu, then "Forms"). All college forms can be found on canadacollege.edu/forms

MW-Military Withdrawal

Military withdrawal will be authorized when a student who is a member of an active or reserve U.S. Military Service unit receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. Upon verification of such orders, a notation of “MW” may be made on the student record. Military withdrawals are not counted in probation or dismissal calculations. Further information may be obtained at the Admissions and Records Office.