Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Grade option courses offer a Pass/No Pass (i.e., pass/fail) option. Taking a course Pass/no Pass allows students to explore fields of study and to broaden their knowledge, particularly in fields outside their major, without jeopardizing their grade point average. Both letter grade and Pass/No Pass grading require students to complete all assignments, exams, and class projects.

Students who elect the Pass/No Pass option must choose the P/NP option on WebSMART. This decision is irreversible. See college schedule of classes for deadline.

Courses taken on a Pass/No Pass basis may or may not be applicable toward fulfillment of the major, certificate, or general education requirements. In addition, four-year colleges and universities vary in the number of units of “Pass” grades they will accept. Students should consult the catalog of the college to which they plan to transfer to determine what limitations apply.

A maximum of 12 units toward an associate degree or 6 units toward a certificate may be earned using the “Pass/No Pass” option.

Each division of the college may also designate courses in which all students are evaluated on a Pass/No Pass basis. “Pass” grades earned in these courses are exempt from the 12/6 unit maximum described in the paragraph above.

Executive Order

Pursuant to Executive Order Executive Order 2020-02, students may exercise the Pass/No Pass grading option for ALL courses from Spring 2020 through the Fall 2021 semester. Because changing to a Pass/No Pass grade may have implications for transfer or other long-term, unforeseeable situations, such as future graduate school applications or licensure requirements, students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor before changing a class to Pass/No Pass. Students are able to self-select the Pass/No Pass grading option via WebSMART. Faculty will then see that a student has selected this option when entering the final grades for the course.