College Policies

Campus Assembly Guidelines

  1. Any public meeting, demonstration, or rally on campus will be governed by the regulations of the Cañada College as to time, place, and manner.
  2. Students have the full right to express their views on any matter, subject to college regulations in regard to time, place, and manner.
  3. Disruptive behavior is defined as any action which interferes with the functions or activities of the College to the point where such functions or activities can no longer effectively continue. Examples of such functions or activities are classroom activities, athletic events, administrative activities, approved assemblies, meetings and programs, and construction work. Examples of disruptive activities are blocking access to college facilities, disrupting classroom activities to the point where the instructor, in their opinion, is no longer able to continue the class, heckling an assembly speaker so that the speaker cannot continue talking, and unauthorized use of sound equipment.
  4. In the event of disruptive behavior, the President of the College or their representative will make every effort to restore order within the context of the Cañada College community itself. Should disruptive activity continue, the administration may suspend those individuals continuing to engage in disruptive behavior. The administration of the College may take whatever steps are necessary to restore order, including requests for aid from appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  5. Violent behavior will be defined as any action that results in physical harm to persons or property or an overt and public threat of harm.
  6. In case of violence, the President or their delegated representative, may request immediate and appropriate action by law enforcement authorities.
  7. In the case of extreme violation of the rule(s), a student may face expulsion by action of the Board of Trustees on recommendation of the College President and the Chancellor-Superintendent. Procedures in this instance are provided for in the District Rules and Regulations, as adopted by the Board of Trustees.