Sexual Assault Prevention Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy

Policy on Sexual Assault Education and Prevention

In accordance with California Education Code, Section 67382 and Board Policy 2.29, the San Mateo County Community College District is committed to providing programs and services that educate all students, faculty, and staff on the prevention of sexual assault. In partnership with various community agencies, individuals who are victims of sexual assault or have concerns related to sexual assault shall receive support and assistance. Students, faculty, and staff who need information or assistance related to sexual assault prevention, sexual assault services, and procedures related to the reporting of sexual assault incidents on campus may contact the Health Center at (650) 306-3309 or the Security Department at (650) 306-3420.

Policy on Sexual Harassment

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations Title 5, Section 59300 et seq., it is the policy of San Mateo County Community College District and Cañada College to prohibit, in any and all forms, the sexual harassment of its students and staff. Sexual harassment of students by other students or staff, and/or the harassment of staff by students, is considered intolerable behavior that will be investigated and acted upon immediately.

Students or staff seeking further information concerning this policy or claiming grievance because of alleged violation of this policy should contact the Vice President of Student Services to file a written grievance.