Policy on Smoking

It is the policy of San Mateo County Community College District to provide a safe learning and working environment for both students and employees. It is recognized that smoke from cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes and/or cigars is hazardous to health; therefore, it is the intent of the District to provide a smoke-free environment to the greatest extent possible. To achieve this goal, smoking at Cañada College will be limited to parking lots only, with the exception of Parking Lot 4.

  1. Smoking is prohibited on campus except in parking lots, not including Parking Lot 4. Marijuana is prohibited on the entire campus. 
  2. Cañada managers are responsible for publicizing the policy to students, employees and visitors, and Facilities are responsible for the posting of signs. Notification about the policy on smoking will be included in employee and student publications, newsletters and in other written materials as appropriate. In addition, materials which are used to publicize District public events will include policy notification to the general public.
  3. To assist in the implementation of this policy, the District will provide education and training in the areas of smoking dangers and smoking cessation. Contact the Cañada Health Center at (650) 306-3309 for more information.
  4. It is the responsibility of all students and employees to observe the policy and guidelines on smoking. Failure to comply with the policy on smoking will be treated in the same manner as other violations of District Rules and Regulations and may result in disciplinary action.
  5. It is the responsibility of College and Cañada managers to enforce the policy on smoking. Disputes over the interpretation of the policy or complaints about individuals violating the policy should be brought to the attention of the person’s supervisor, the Vice-President of Student Services at the College level, or the Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources and Employee Relations in the District Office. When the evidence is non-persuasive on either side, such disputes will be settled in favor of the nonsmoker(s) in recognition of the policy of the District to provide a smoke-free environment. Such disputes shall be settled at the lowest management level.
  6. This policy does not supersede more restrictive policies which may be in force in compliance with State or Federal regulations.