Program Overview

The Business Information Worker Certificate of Achievement is designed to prepare students for entry-level office and administrative support in a variety of fields or businesses. This certificate is a job readiness certificate for office workers, and was developed with local employers. Essential components of the Business Information Worker curriculum include a solid foundation in Microsoft Windows, Outlook and MS Office software, as well as strong digital and web literacy skills.


Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 16.5 units Units
BUS. 101 Human Relations in the Workplace 3 units
BUS. 103 Introduction to Business Information Systems 3 units
BUS. 401 Business Communications 3 units
CBOT 415 Beginning Computer Keyboarding 1.5 units
CBOT 435 Spreadsheets 3 units
CBOT 448 Using Microsoft Windows 1.5 units
CBOT 475 Using Outlook 1.5 units
Selective Courses, choose 1.5 units from the following: Units
CBOT 472 Beginning Word Processing 1.5 units
CBOT 474 Intermediate Word Processing 1.5 units
Total Required Units: 18