Program Overview

Video game design is a rapidly growing field, both nationally and in the Bay Area. The Video Game Design certificate trains students in the skills they need to secure an entry-level position as a game designer, level designer, or associate producer in the video game industry. Curriculum was developed in conjunction with veteran game industry designers and reflects the skills currently in demand in the industry.


Major: Core and Selective Requirements
Complete Core Courses, 30 units Units
MART 441 Introduction to Video Game Design 3 units
MART 442 History of Video Games 3 units
MART 443 Game Design Fundamentals 3 units
MART 445 3D Game Scripting 3 units
MART 446 Storytelling with Games 3 units
MART 447 3D Level Design 3 units
MART 450 Collaborative Game Production 3 units
MART 451 Rapid Game Development 3 units
MART 452 Advanced Game Design 3 units
MART 455 Indie Game Development & Entrepreneurship 3 units
Selective Courses, choose a minimum of 3 units from the following: Units
MART 314 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 units
MART 366 Color Management and Theory 3 units
MART 376 Introduction to Digital Imaging 3 units
MART 420 Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation 3 units
Total Required Units: 33