College for Working Adults (CWA)

Building 9, Room 209
Phone: (650) 306-3310

The College for Working Adults (CWA) is an academic degree program that allows students to earn up to three Associate degrees, while working full-time. Classes are held

  • Weekly on Thursday evening
  • Two Saturday mornings per month
  • Online

The CWA curriculum ensures that within three years, students can complete sixty transferable units, and all of their general education, graduation, and transfer requirements for admission to a four-year California State University (CSU). The degrees are awarded from the following disciplines:

  1. AA-T Psychology
  2. AA-T Sociology
  3. AA-T Social Work and Human Services
  4. AA - Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis inSocial and Behavioral Sciences
  5. AA - Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis inArts and Humanities
  6. AA - Economics