Personal Counseling Center

Building 5, Room 303
Phone: (650) 381-3573

The Personal Counseling Center is a student support service that offers free personal counseling to students enrolled at Cañada College. The Program offers on-site individual, couples, and/or group counseling to students. The Program also provides crisis intervention and training referrals to community services when needed. The maximum number of sessions is eight which can be extended on a student-need and/or counselor availability basis.

The goal of the Program is to support all students in removing any personal obstacles to academic success, assisting students with psychological disabilities, and providing a safe and confidential space for students to learn more about themselves. Issues can range from lack of knowledge about how to succeed in college to relationship, single parent, acculturation, or chronic mental illness concerns. All issues and students are welcome.

The Program is supervised by an on-site licensed clinical psychologist and includes interns enrolled in accredited Master’s and Doctoral programs in the Bay Area. Students interested in making an appointment can contact the Personal Counseling Center Office.