Learning Center

Building 9, Floor 2
Phone: (650) 306-3348
Web: canadacollege.edu/learningcenter

The mission of the Learning Center is to provide a positive, learner-centered environment that integrates technological resources and learning assistance services to support student learning and success across the college curriculum. Learning Center programs exist to help students develop strong study skills and build the confidence that will lead them to successful academic outcomes. The Learning Center supports all instructional divisions and collaborates with other academic assistance programs and student services to identify strategies to assist in the success and retention of students across all disciplines.


The Learning Center houses computer lab areas, general tutoring services, the Writing Center, retention support services, test proctoring, academic success workshops, TRiO Student Support Services, Guided Pathways Peer Mentorship Program, and student success programs. The Learning Center is an inclusive and friendly environment where all students are welcome.


The Learning Center offers self-paced supplemental academic support courses in study skills, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, writing, and more. Students complete assignments using textbook and online resources. Learning Center courses are designated with the LCTR prefix and include non-degree and degree-applicable courses. Degree courses articulated with the CSU system are transferable.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource open to all Canada College students seeking assistance with writing assignments and desiring to improve their writing skills. Student writers and Writing Center tutors work collaboratively one-on-one and in group workshops to help students achieve their writing goals. Students receive input during any part of the writing process, from brainstorming to final revision.


Academic Tutoring is available in-person and online from our college tutors five days per week, Monday through Friday and online via the NetTutor platform for after hours and weekend tutoring support. Other academic support provided includes academic success workshops and embedded tutoring (tutors who attend some class sessions in a designated course, and support students outside of class). In order to receive tutoring, students must enroll in the tutoring service course, LCTR 698 (zero unit non-credit, zero fee, non degree-applicable).

Retention Support

Retention support services include the Guided Pathways Peer Mentoring program, support workshops, and outreach and referral for students to a range of support services depending on student need. The Retention Specialist staff position is part of a larger support structure that includes counselors, financial aid staff, and other key student services resources to engage with students in a timely way to support their retention and overall academic success.


Test Proctoring is also available to faculty and students in need of proctoring services.