Learning Center

Building 9, Floor 2
Phone: (650) 306-3348
Web: canadacollege.edu/learningcenter

The Learning Center is designed to provide a positive learning environment that integrates technological resources and learning assistance services to support student learning and success across curriculums.

The Learning Center courses provides a range of individualized college credit through self-paced courses in study skills, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, writing, and more. Students complete assignments using textbook and online resources. Learning Center courses are designated with the LCTR prefix. Both non-degree and degree credit courses are available. Degree courses articulated with the CSU system are transferable.

Also incorporated within the Learning Center are computer lab areas, general Tutoring Services, Writing Center, Retention Support Services, Test Proctoring, Subject Specific Workshops, TRiO, BTO (Bridge to Opportunities) Peer Mentorship Program, Math Jam, Word Jam, Physics Jam, Colts Academies (1,2,3), general information and friendly approachable faculty and student support.

The Cañada College Tutoring program and STEM Center work together to provide comprehensive tutoring support for all Cañada College students. We seek to provide free, course centered, faculty involved academic support service which provides supplemental instructional support to all currently enrolled students. The program works with all instructional divisions and collaborates with other academic assistance programs and student services to identify strategies to assist in the success and retention of students across all disciplines. The program exists to help students with study skills and habits to become better students, reading and writing ability across the curriculum, including basic skills and ESL level courses, and building academic and professional confidence.

Tutoring is available 6 days per week Monday through Saturday for students to get academic support. Tutoring support comes in a variety of modalities including drop in, workshops, and embedded or EPIC. Peer tutors are recruited and recommended by faculty in a wide range of academic and vocational areas and are required to enroll in the campus tutor training course, LCTR 100, unless they can show prior tutoring experience. In order to receive tutoring, students must enroll in the tutoring service course, LCTR 698 (no credit, zero fee).

The Learning Center also offers retention support. Retention support services includes collaboration with professors to work closely with students to identify strategies to help them to be successful in completing the course and connecting to campus resources. Special workshops and resources are also provided.

Test Proctoring is also available to faculty and students in need of proctoring services.