Honors Transfer Program

Building 3, Room 235 
Honors Coordinator: (650) 381-3547  |  Honors Counselor: (650) 306-3489
Email: taveaur@smccd.edu  |  Honors Counselor: darafshi@smccd.edu 
Web: canadacollege.edu/honorsprogram

The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) at Cañada College is designed to support curious, highly motivated students, and is meant to better prepare them for university work. To be a member of the HTP, students must apply online and meet eligibility requirements. All Honors courses are open to HTP members and non-members. Students enrolling in Honors sections will be required to do Honors-level work. In addition to Honors designated courses, students may also earn Honors credit by completing an Honors Contract in a non-Honors course. More details are on the program website.

To graduate from the program, students must complete 15 units of Honors-level course work and achieve a GPA of 3.3 in their transfer courses. Program graduates receive special recognition on their transcripts, diplomas, and at graduation. Students may also be eligible for special scholarships and transfer agreements to four-year colleges and universities.

For more information about the canadacollege.edu/honorsprogram, or contact the Honors coordinator or counselor via the contact information above.

Program Admission Requirements

Entering High School Students

  • High school GPA of 3.3 
  • Current enrollment in or completion of either English 100 or English 105.


Continuing College Students

  • GPA 3.3 after 9 units of degree applicable coursework
  • Current enrollment in or completion of either English 100 or English 105.

If a student does not meet the above requirements, there is an alternative method for demonstrating academic eligibility. For more details, see the program website.

Program Completion Requirements

  • 15 units in Honors Classes
  • GPA 3.3 in transfer classes
  • Maximum of 2 courses can be earned via Honors Contract