Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Building 9, Room 133
Phone: (650) 306-3300
Email:  caneops@smccd.edu
Web: canadacollege.edu/eops

EOPS is a state funded program that aims to help low-income and educationally disadvantaged students succeed in college.

Who is eligible for EOPS?

You must be a California resident, enrolled in at least 12 units, have earned less than 70 units, not have already earned a college degree, be eligible for the California College
Promise Grant (CCPG)
, and meet the definition of “educationally disadvantaged.”

What services does EOPS provide?

EOPS supports student success by providing some of the following services:

  • Counseling
  • Retention Services
  • Priority Registration
  • Book Voucher
  • Assistance with applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Application Fee Waiver to CSU/UC Universities
  • Loan: Laptop/Calculator/Voice Recorder
  • Graduation Regalia
  • Emergency Loans
  • Bus Passes
  • PTK Membership

CARE: Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education

CARE is a subset program of EOPS that helps single parents, receiving cash-aid assistance through the County’s CalWORKS Program succeed in college. In order to avoid duplication of services the CARE Program collaborates with the San Mateo County Human Services Department to provide counseling, meals, transportation, and other educationally related support services.

How to apply for EOPS and CARE?

Please contact the EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs/FYSI Office or visit our website for more information. The online EOPS application is available on our website at https://canadacollege.edu/eops/eops.php. Como puedo calificar? Visita laoficina de EOPS/CARE ubicada en el Edificio 9–133 paracompletar una aplicación o llámanos al (650) 306-3300. Hablamos Español.