Public Transportation

SamTrans Route 274 provides frequent weekday service to Cañada College, with extended hours Monday through Thursday evenings. Route 274 originates in East Palo Alto and serves parts of Menlo Park, Atherton, and Redwood City. The route is guaranteed wheelchair accessible. Tokens are available at the Cashier’s Office. For more information, call the SamTrans Telephone Information Center at 1-800-660-4BUS.

Redi-Wheels Subscription Rides

Once a student’s schedule has been determined, Redi-Wheels will try to arrange a subscription transportation schedule for the entire semester or length of the course. For more information, call (650) 508-7940.

Field Trip/Excursion Guidelines

Throughout the semester/school year, the District may sponsor voluntary off-campus extracurricular field trips/excursions. If students choose to participate, they are advised that pursuant to California Code of Regulations, subchapter 5, section 55450, students have agreed to hold the District, its Officers, agents and employees harmless from any and all liability or claims which may arise out of or in connection with student participation in the activity.

Non-District Sponsored Transportation

Some classes may be conducted off campus. Unless specifically advised otherwise, students are responsible for arranging for their own transportation to and from the class site. Although the District may assist in coordinating the transportation and/or recommend travel times, route or caravaning, students are advised that the District assumes no liability or responsibility for the transportation, and any person driving a personal vehicle is not an agent of the District.